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Pathway To Assimiliation

The Forward Church is a brand new community of faith, centered around Jesus in Irvine. We are in the relentless pursuit of helping people find hope. We are a vibrant Christian community with a passion for God, the Bible, and the city. We believe God is Father; therefore, our church is family. We welcome you to join our worship experience in Irvine.

Because we believe that every person who comes to Forward Church is an integral part of the community, we would like everyone to join and participate in what we call:

The Pathway To Assimilation (PTA)

What does this look like?


Come join the Forward Church Worship Experience on Sunday at 10:30am to get a feel for our church and community.


Join one of our weekly community groups and begin to learn more about Jesus. At Forward church we believe that true community is not when everyone knows everyone. True community is when everyone knows someone.


Begin to serve on one of our teams. We believe that every person who comes to Forward Church must feel a sense of “ownership,” in the church. Following Jesus is not a spectator sport. The Forward Church is a battleship, not a cruise ship. We want one hundred percent participation from everyone who comes to church to participate in the work of the church, for Jesus’ fame and glory.


Coaching others to follow Jesus and to serve in the church perpetuates your growth as a follower of Jesus and it benefits those who are under your care. At Forward Church, our faith is made public by discipling disciples who will in turn make other disciples.

At Forward Church, our vision is one hundred percent participation of all those who come to our community to participate in the PTA. Every person is at a different stage in the cycle. What matters most is that you are actively engaged in the PTA and you help to coach and engage others in becoming passionate about as well.